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Why Should You And Your Family Have Your Spinal Examination?

Your spine is your life line. Proper nerve messages from the brain to all body organs, glands and tissues is of the utmost importance to keep you in maximum function and health. Examination of the system for disruptions of nerve messages is a chiropractor's job. Subluxations (pinched nerves from misaligned spinal vertebrae) is a cause of many health problems and conditions. With early detection, subluxations can be corrected and stop future ill health and spinal damage.

Who Can Benefit From a Spinal Adjustment?

  • Infants: At birth, trauma may occur to a newborn's cervical spine (neck) during required pulling of delivery. Severe pulling as from c-section, forceps, and suction devices increases the risk of traumas. Conditions such as colic and irritability have been greatly helped with chiropractic care because the nervous system's role in your infant's health.
  • Children & Teens: Watching a child play, whether at home or on a sports field leaves little imagination to how they may create trouble with their spines. Injuries may not always produce lasting symptoms; however, when a vertebrae is pushed out of alignment and is not treated, other troubles may occur such as scoliosis. Early detection means early correction.
  • Adults: Stress is a big factor for improper muscle balance which can lead to spinal misalignment and poor health, unfortunately we can not always avoid stress. However, we can ensure it doesn't affect our health by having a chiropractic examination.
  • Seniors: This is the most difficult time to correct a spinal problem, but it is helpful  in keeping the joints and back feeling well. Many times, because spinal trouble had not been detected in earlier years, we find degeneration and arthritis  affecting the spine. At this stage of life correction of spinal trouble may be difficult or impossible; however , relief of pain is accomplished in most cases with chiropractic care. 

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