Conditions Treated

 At Cook Chiropractic Clinic in Shelby Township, MI, we provide treatment for a wide range of conditions to relieve your pain and improve your overall health. Whether you are experiencing back pain, whiplash, or frequent migraines, our team is happy to help. Before you visit us, learn about some of the conditions we treat below:

Back Pain

Back pain can impact your daily activities and prevent you from enjoying the hobbies you love. It can result from various causes, including muscle strain, poor posture, or degenerative conditions. Our team will identify the root cause of the pain and provide personalized treatment plans to alleviate the discomfort.

Neck Pain

Neck pain often stems from factors such as tension, injury, or spinal misalignment. At Cook Chiropractic Clinic, we offer comprehensive assessments to identify what is causing your neck pain. Our treatment strategies include chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic exercises, and lifestyle recommendations for relief and to prevent recurrence.


Sciatica is characterized by pain radiating along the sciatic nerve, which often results from a compressed nerve in the lower back. This condition can cause severe discomfort and limit mobility. We specialize in diagnosing sciatica and utilize targeted chiropractic care, spinal decompression, and corrective exercises to relieve pressure on the nerve and reduce pain.

Herniated Discs

Herniated discs occur when the soft inner material of a spinal disc protrudes through its outer layer, often causing pain and nerve irritation. Our chiropractors may recommend spinal adjustments and decompression therapy for herniated discs, which improve spinal health and alleviate symptoms.

Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and migraines can be debilitating, with various triggers including stress, tension, and spinal misalignments. Cook Chiropractic Clinic offers specialized care to address these issues. We often utilize chiropractic adjustments to correct misalignments and relieve pain. Not only that, but we can also recommend stress management techniques and lifestyle modifications to reduce the frequency and severity of headaches and migraines.


Whiplash occurs when your head and neck are suddenly moved forward and backward, typically during an auto accident. Symptoms can include neck pain, stiffness, and headaches. We provide effective treatment for whiplash that focuses on on reducing inflammation, restoring normal movement, and strengthening the affected areas.

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